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National Antarctic
Scientific Center of Ukraine
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
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The real and legitimate aim of all science is to endow human life with new inventions and riches.
                                                                                                                                                                              Francis Bacon (English philosopher, founder of experimental science of New time) 

Scientific and technical activities NASC performed according with the Law of Ukraine "About scientific and scientific and technical activities" and focused on the tasks and activities of the new State target scientific and technical program of research in Antarctica for 2011-2020 (hereinafter - the Program).

The Program envisages integrated basic and applied scientific research in Antarctica for the main modern scientific research areas, covering Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and supported by International Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).

A comprehensive and systematic approach to Antarctic research requires close cooperation of leading scientific institutions and organizations of Ukraine. At the National Antarctic Scientific Center (hereinafter - NASC) charged with organizing and coordinating these studies, the annual Antarctic expeditions, maintenance Antarctic station "Akademik Vernadsky".

To realize the objectives of the Programme NASC provides:

  1. Conduct continuous monitoring during the winter observing and original research directly at the station "Akademik Vernadsky" and the international obligations of data transfering to international systems and organizations: geomagnetic data - to INTERMAGNET; monthly precipitation samples for isotope analysis - in IAEA; monthly reports CLIMAT - to WMO; ozonometric data - the British Antarctic Survey.

  2. Conduct seasonal research in the station "Akademik Vernadsky" with extension of work area on the western part of the Antarctic Peninsula, as well as research in the Antarctic voyage research vessel. Every year the Ukrainian Antarctic expeditions involving up to 10 scientists who previously held the selection. In addition, the yearly seasonal expeditions involving 10 to 15 scientists from various disciplines. This is geologists, geophysicists, meteorologists, physicists, radio physics, mathematics, biology, ecology and medical.

  3. Performing research in leading laboratories and academic institutions of the University of Science of Ukraine under research and development projects using primary data, samples and materials obtained during research expeditions. With this aim within the framework of the Program every two years NASC conducts the selection of projects, enter into contracts to carry them out. Scientific, technical and scientific-organizational work aimed at providing and coordinating activities with tasks and projects program, provides scientific and organizational department NASC.

Scientific, technical and scientific-organizational work aimed at providing and coordinating activities with tasks and projects program, provides scientific and organizational department NASC.

To coordinate the work of the organization and the Ukrainian Antarctic expeditions, the viability of the station "Akademik Vernadsky" created a permanent Scientific and Technical Council of the National Antarctic Scientific Center.

Program management, coordination of interagency and international cooperation in Antarctic research provides by Scientific and technical council "Antarctica".

As part of the major areas of research NASC works with 29 leading institutions of university and academia in Ukraine, such as national universities and institutes of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Medical Science, of promotion, other institutions and organizations of different ownership.

NASC is open to international scientific cooperation. He concluded bilateral agreements for up to five years with 12 academic institutions of the world, including: UK, USA, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Russia. For several years, scientists NASC fruitful collaboration in the field of geological and geophysical, oceanographic and biological research in Antarctica with several research institutions and organizations of the Russian Federation (More details).

Over the last 15 years Ukraine became a full member of almost all international organizations involved in polar research scientists NASC actively participate in the meetings of the International Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.

NASC, like all international Antarctic scientific community involved in the systematic data and results of 16 projects of the 3rd International Polar Year. Research of Ukrainian scientists receive support of SCAR, CEP, CAREX, IPY. Some projects supported by the British Antarctic Survey, Institute for Polar and Marine Research Alfred Wegener (Germany) and Canadian Polar Commission.

NASC was organized five international conferences on Antarctic issues involving a number of scientists from other countries. In plans of NASC - organizing and conducting the 2013 Antarctic VI International Conference. 
NASC involved in the preparation of scientific dissertations. The leaders of dissertations are highly qualified specialists doctors. Conducted scientific work with students. Formed schools with problems of the geological structure of Western Antarctica, studying atmospheric processes troposphere Southern Hemisphere interaction of atmospheric and space weather systems, a comprehensive study of the structure and function of Antarctic organisms, creating three-dimensional models of generalized biogeographic ranges of typical Antarctic ecosystems, the development of modern technologies of health and performance of members of Antarctic expeditions.

According to the results of research and development published many monographs, textbooks, scientific articles. Research results are reported at national and international conferences, regularly covered in the "Ukrainian Antarctic Journal", published by NASC.