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National Antarctic
Scientific Center of Ukraine
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
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NASC is the State operator of Ukraine in Antarctica. Its team together with scientists from   Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the most competent higher schools, domestic and foreign scientific centers has become the country leader in the study of the Ice continent and the South Ocean. It also takes an active part in international Antarctic meetings and conferences, creates data bases on weather and ozone layer monitoring, and organizes geophysical, geological, seismological, biospheric, medico-physiological, oceanographic and other research at Vernadsky station, adjacent islands and sea grounds. At the same time NASC applies every effort to minimize anthropogenic impact to Antarctic nature and cares for environmental issues. ​      
NASC has established business contacts and is constantly keeping in touch with Antarctic researchers from Argentina, Bulgaria, Spain, China, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Czech Republic, Chile, Japan and other countries. This promotes   exchange of specialists – winterers and scientists, development of joint research programs and logistic operations. NASC cooperation with WMO, ISGI, CCAMLR, СOMNAP, SCAR, ATСM and other international institutions assumes each year an ever greater dynamics. 

For the last years NASC had prepared a number of young scientists. Its employees have defended five doctor theses, issued interesting monographs on geophysics, oceanography, biology, and organized three international Antarctic conferences. Within the framework of ІІІ IPY Ukrainian scientists have executed 16 research projects. Owing to NASC efforts XXXI ATCM was held in Kyiv.

Along with scientific activity NASC carries on an active educational work familiarizing schoolchildren, students, public at large with the impact of atmospheric processes in the Earth' polar regions to environmental conditions as well as with environmental actions of scientists on conservation of planet natural resources and unique life forms.  This is also facilitated by the collaboration with mass media, publication of "Ukrainian Antarctic Journal" and popular science magazine "Expedition-XXI", organization of photo exhibitions, meetings with winterers, video viewing. ​​​


  • VII International Antarctic Conference 12/12/2014
    VII IAC 2015
    VII International Antarctic Conference 
    “ Antarctic Research: new horizons and priorities ”
    May 12-14, 2015, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • ​​

    Negotiations with BAS representatives

    on bilateral scientific 


    ​From left to right: 

    Sergy Komisarenko – Acad. NAS of Ukraine, Head of XXXI ATCM;

    Yohannes Huber – the first Executive Secretary of the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat;

    Valery Lytvynov – NASC Director.