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National Antarctic
Scientific Center of Ukraine
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Destination
  • History
  • Infrastructure
  • Main building
  • Equipment
  • Station lifesystems
  • Meteorological conditions in the Vernadsky Station region
  • Station as a subject of international tourism
Vernadsky Station


     Scientific researching at the Sixth Continent  is the main purpose of Ukrainian Antarctic Vernadsky Station (65 ° 15 'S, 64 ° 15' W). This important task is the subject of all the activity at the stations and the National Antarctic Scientific Center, which is a national operator of Ukraine in Antarctica.

     Vernadsky Station is an integral element in an integrated system of living of organic interaction of many institutions and establishments scattered both in Ukraine and abroad. The interaction of all elements of the system is possible only under conditions of normal circulation of useful scientific and organizational information. Services and data transmitting is just designed to perform very specific tasks of Antarctic research.​​

    At the same time the Vernadsky  station  is a system with its own infrastructure, which ensures its functioning throughout the whole year.